12 maj 2020

Intervju med Hanna från mjukvaruföretaget Tacton

Porträtt på Hanna från Tacton leendes mot kameran
Tjejer Kodar

by tjejerkodar

Tell us about Tacton, what kind of company is it?
We are a software company that helps large traditional manufacturers to become more agile with the help of our software tools. Times have changed and the problems we help them to solve would take years to do (if not decades!) the ”the old way”. We step in and make it easier for companies to configure, design and sell complex products – it’s very giving!

But what is software?
Hardware is the “hard” things you can physically touch such as the computer or keyboard. Software is simply the technique inside of the hardware, what we create when we program for instance. We make software that simplifies the workload for our customers It would take a team of engineers working for days to accomplish what our software can do in minutes!

How are your teams composed, are there a lot of programmers working with the software?
Our company, like most companies, is composed of different teams coming together, each supporting each other to deliver the best tools and software to our customers. Some teams work directly with our products: Developers, product managers, back-end, front-end. Some that work closely with our customers: Customer support, Customer Success, Professional Services (that help our customers implement our software internally within their company), Tacton Academy (they create learning courses and programs to help our customers learn the skills to better use our tools), and some that work on the commercial side: Sales, sales engineers, Marketing and Communication. Aside from this, we have our HR, Finance and IT support, that ensure the business runs smoothly and our team members are well supported.

What is your role at Tacton?
I’ve been at Tacton for almost 4 years. I first started as a part-time student intern, and once I graduated I started working full time as an HR Business Partner. My first assignment was in assisting the recruitment process. Since Tacton is a software company, I realized I needed to learn all about software qualifications and how to identify the many skills that were required for the role. My role later evolved to what it is today, working in recruitment, as well as, performance, salary, leadership, goals, employer branding, culture, working environment and more.

Our primary concern is to make sure that Tacton is a great place to work at and we do this by supporting our employees (or Tactonites as we call ourselves) ⭐️  We know that if we take good care of our people, they will help us reach our business goals. I’m very proud of being a Tactonite and working with awesome colleagues at a global SaaS (Software As A Service) company that is considered a leader in the industry.

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